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We can provide with the production gear that you need for your upcoming shoot with everything and anything you could possibly needed for a large or small EFP/ENG shoot to a multiple camera flypack unit to live production support. To supplement our complete production resources and mobile task force in Equipment Rentals. Spotlight Film Productions has a combined 25 years of industry experience, and we expect the same amount of skill from the practiced group of professionals we call our crew. Our unique “one stop shop” service has made us one of the best multi-faceted visual arts companies around. We do it right the first time.



Camera/Lens/Tripod Packages

  • Sony 4K XD CAM F7S/Z-150

  • Sony XD CAM 350/700

  • Sony F-3 F-55

  • Sony EX-3

  • Canon 7D 5D C 300 C 500

  • FE/L Series Lens

  • Carl Zeiss Primes

  • RED Cameras

  • Sachtler Tripod


Audio/ENG Package

  • Sound Device Mixers

  • Lectorsonic Wireless Units

  • Trams Microphone

  • Sennheiser Microphone

  • H4N Zoom Recorder

  • Zaxcom

  • Comtek


Equipment Accessories

  • Batteries/Chargers

  • Camera Sliders

  • Carts

  • Generators

  • Jibs

  • TelePrompters

  • Two-way Radios

  • HD/4K Portable Recorders


Lighting/Grip Equipment

  • Arri

  • Kino

  • HMI

  • LED Panel Lights

  • Stands

  • Chroma Key/Back Drops/Silk

  • Dollys/Track


Trucks Lighting/Grip 

1-Ton Lighting/Grip Package


5-Ton Lighting/Grip Package


10-Ton Lighting/Grip Package

Perfect for Motion Pictures, Commercials, TV Series.







Studio Rental

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